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Merrell Mop Cleaning Solution

Merrell Mop Cleaning Solution

Merrell specializes in manufacturing private label products made to our customers' specifications. We are proud to say that we have been manufacturing our products for many years! We will develop together with the cooperative companies with rigorous working, quality products, excellent service, and the concept of cooperation for a "win-win".

One-stop Cleaning Service Solutions
Wall Cleaning Mop

Wall Cleaning

Microfiber cloth is suitable for various types of wall tiles. The design of a long handle among cleaning mop for walls can easily reach any corner and absorb dust and stains on the wall.

Car Cleaning

Gently clean the car surface, wipe off the fog on the glass with automotive wash brush, make you safer when driving, wipe off the hair and debris on the seat, and make your central control brighter.

Car Cleaning Mop
Floor Cleaning Mop

Floor Cleaning

Use a microfiber floor cleaning mop to keep your floor in the best appearance. Whether it is wood, ceramic tile, or linoleum, microfiber floor duster mop can easily remove dust and dirt, leaving only green cleaning. Say goodbye to dust and dirt. Powerful, eco friendly and professional floor cleaners will make the floor shine every day. Meanwhile, the  floor cleaner can be applied at home, kitchen,bathroom, and it is pet friendly.

Window Cleaning

Clean the glass surface without leaving any traces. Carefully crafted to provide sustainable and powerful functions for healthy families and environmental protection.

Window Cleaning Mop
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