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Window Cleaning Mop

Window Cleaning Mop

Abandon the traditional inefficient window cleaner, use the Merrell window mop, deep clean your windows each time, save your time. The window cleaning mop is integrated with the squeegee, the spray mop disposable pads have strong water absorption and dust adsorption capacity, the squeegee can help you remove the moisture from the window and quickly make the window bright.

Highlights of Window Cleaning Mop

Window Cleaning Mop Squeegee

Window cleaning mop can remove stains stuck to windows, scrape off the water remaining on the glass after cleaning or rain, and quickly make the glass brighter.

Window Cleaning Mop
Window Cleaning Mop And Blade

Window Cleaning Mop And Blade

Microfiber pad on one side and blade on the other, can not only remove dust but also remove residual moisture after cleaning.

Window Cleaning Mop Heads

Window trigger foldable spray mop is equipped with a microfiber pad, strong water absorption, and dust removal capacity, the soft pad head protects your glass when cleaning.

Clean Windows From Inside

Characteristic of Window Washing Mop for Window Cleaning

Merrell window cleaner, reusable microfiber pads on the front and scraper on the back, the pad can clean the dust on the window and scraper can remove the water left on the window after cleaning, which can make you finish the cleaning work quickly and make the window brighter. Meanwhile, professional commercial window cleaning/ washing, extendable window cleaner/ washer, exterior/ outside window cleaner and home/house window cleaning are popular.

The long handled window cleaner and humanized design of the water spraying function make the cleaning work so easy.

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