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Wall Cleaning Mop

Wall Cleaning Mop

Use Merrell microfiber wall wash mop to remove dust from the wall, use a microfiber pad to absorb dust, clean the walls, and then wet and wipe the mop. You can also use a brush to easily remove the dust on the reusable microfiber mop. And then dry the walls, and gently wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth. You can also keep the windows open to dry the walls when you go out.

Cleaning Walls With Mop

129cm Long Handle Design

Microfiber wall mop can help you clean close to the ceiling or even the ceiling.

Microfiber Wall Mop
Cleaning Walls With Micro Mop

Square Mop Pad

Cleaning walls with mop can help you in the cleaning process without leaving any dead corners.

To Your Own Needs

You can also wet or dry the mop pad to clean the wall according to your own needs.

Cleaning Walls With Microfiber Mop

Advantage of Wall Cleaning Mop

1. Tubes of various materials are optional.

2. 129cm long handle design.

3. 360-degree flexible rotary mop head, which means no dead corner cleaning.

4. Microfiber mop pads with strong dust adsorption.

5. 4 sections detachable for easy storage.

6. Magic tape base plate and mop pad can be reused, save money.

7. Lightweight to avoid the risk of arm injury during cleaning.