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MP-C1 Chenille Mop Pad

MP-C1 Chenille Mop Pad

MP-C1 chenille mop pad chooses spunlaced non-woven fabric mop material, more water absorption. The double-sided reusable chenille mop pads, with chenille on one side and coral fleece on the other, are still made of microfiber. Different appearance among chenille mop pad gives you a new cleaning experience. Our microfiber mop pads wholesale offer a convenient and eco-friendly solution for cleaning floors. Made from high-quality chenille material, these reusable chenille mop pads are compatible with most spray mop models and are perfect for use as spray mop replacement pads. Buy in bulk to save on cleaning expenses and keep your floors looking pristine.
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Microfibre Mop Cloth

MP-C1 Reusable Chenille Mop Pad Specification

MP-C1 Chenille Mop Pad Wholesale

Product NameChenille Mop PadProduct MaterialPP+Iron+Microfiber
Product Size124*38.5*12cmSingle PackingPaper Card
Pad Size40x12cmExport Carton Quantity12PCS
Capacity of Water Bottle250mlExport Carton Size138.5*24*20cm

Power Action Spray Mop Replacement Pads Use

Use with Merrell cleaning spray mop and flat mop.

Put the double-sided mop base onto the chenille mop pad and fix it firmly.

Then you can start to mop the floor with floor mop with water spray in the way you like. A microfiber mop cover is recommended to mop the floor from the farthest place in the room, and then move back to the exit or door.

Always keep the leading edge of the mop forward to ensure that all collected dust is kept at the same edge of the mop as much as possible.

Clean the chenille mop pad with a scraper after mopping the floor.


Flat Mop Fabric Replacement Pads Care

Clean the slightly dirty microfiber chenille mop pad with cleaning solution under warm water, remove the dirt and dust on the surface with a scraper after each use, and thoroughly wash the flat mop replacement pads before the next use, and then hang it to dry or put it into a dryer.

You can use washing powder to wash the reusable chenille mop pads with other lint-free clothes.

Do not use bleach. When cleaning superfine fibers, do not use fabric softeners or desiccants, because these additives will cover the fiber surface and reduce the effective cleaning ability of microfiber.

In order to obtain the best effect after cleaning and prolong the service life of the spray mop replacement pads, please use the machine for drying. Of course, chenille mop pad can also be hung to dry.

Reusable Chenille Dry Mop Pads by Merrell

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MP-C1 Reusable Chenille Mop Pads Wholesale Highlights

The Chenille side of this remarkable cleaning material offers not only a comfortable hand feel but also a luxurious softness that is unparalleled. Its delicate fabric is specifically designed to provide a deep and thorough cleaning experience for your floors, surpassing the capabilities of ordinary materials. With its exceptional ability to trap and remove dirt and debris, this cleaning material ensures a pristine and spotless surface every time. The unique composition of this material sets it apart from the rest, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a superior cleaning solution. Its remarkable qualities make it a must-have for anyone who values cleanliness and wants to elevate their cleaning routine to a whole new level of excellence.
MP-C1 Reusable Chenille Mop Pads Wholesale Highlights
MP-C1 Reusable Chenille Mop Pads Wholesale Highlights
The remarkable Coral side of the spray mop disposable pads boasts exceptional qualities that make it an ideal choice for cleaning floors. With its strong water absorption capabilities, it effortlessly tackles spills and messes, leaving your floors spotless and gleaming. Additionally, the pads are equipped with a luxurious chenille side, which enhances their cleaning power and ensures a thorough and efficient cleaning experience. The double-sided design of these pads allows for versatile cleaning, making them suitable for a wide range of floor tiles, regardless of the material. Whether you have ceramic, porcelain, or any other type of flooring, these pads will deliver outstanding results, leaving your floors looking pristine and impeccably clean.
The Velcro design incorporated in our innovative spray mop ensures a secure and reliable attachment of the replacement pads. This durable feature guarantees a long service life, allowing you to enjoy its benefits for an extended period. Additionally, the easy disassembly feature simplifies the process of replacing the pads, making it a hassle-free experience. After each use, the convenient cleaning method ensures effortless maintenance, saving you valuable time and effort. Moreover, the humanized design of all spray mop replacement pads enhances user experience, providing utmost comfort and convenience. With these remarkable features, our spray mop stands out as a reliable and efficient cleaning solution for your everyday needs.
MP-C1 Reusable Chenille Mop Pads Wholesale Highlights
MP-C1 Reusable Chenille Mop Pads Wholesale Highlights
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