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How to Reassemble a Detached Buckle on a Flat Mop?

How to Reassemble a Detached Buckle on a Flat Mop?

Dragging the floor sounds easy, but it's not easy to clean the floor easily and thoroughly. Choosing a suitable mop is very important. If you choose a flat mop, do you know how to squeeze it and how to reinstall the buckle on the flat mop head when it falls off? Firstly, the method of squeezing the water out of the flat mop replacement pads is simple, just put the mop head into the pairing device. Secondly, the buckle of the flat mop is easy to fall off, and it can be fixed with strong glue. Let's take a closer look at the specific knowledge of using a flat mop in the text.

How to squeeze a flat cleaning mop?

In order to make the house cleaner and tidier, many consumers will choose various kinds of cleaning tools in home to clean the indoor environment. One of them is the flat mop, which has a lightweight and easy-to-use mop head and can be used for both wet and dry cleaning. So, how do you squeeze the water out of a flat mop?

First, turn the mop head parallel to the handle, and then grasp it tightly with your hands. Next, align the flat mop with the device and push it in, making the flat mop head parallel, so you can quickly squeeze away the excess water. Then, pull it out from the device and use it to clean the floor.

How to reinstall the buckle on a flat cleaning mop when it falls off?

The above has introduced how to squeeze out the flat dust mop. We all know that the flat mop is a commonly used style. However, the buckle is prone to fall off. So, how can you put the buckle back on the flat mop?

  • If the buckle is loose due to internal damage, you can use strong glue to fix the middle position.

  • If the internal screw is damaged, you can buy a new one at the store and install it, so the buckle of the dust control mop won't come loose.

  • If the buckle is damaged, you can replace it with a new one, but be sure to make sure the model is the same.

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