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How to Replace a String Mop Head?

How to Replace a String Mop Head?

There are many ways to clean a string mop, one of common household cleaning tools, such as using laundry detergent, mixing it with water, soaking the string mop in the detergent solution and cleaning it; diluting dishwashing detergent and scrubbing the string mop, or diluting 84 disinfectant with water at a concentration of 1:100 and soaking the string mop in the diluted solution.

Method for replacing the string mop head

Flat string mop

When replacing the flat mop refill pad, hold the middle of the cotton head with one hand, and push the fixing plate gently with the other hand to remove the cotton head. Then take a new cotton head and place it in the string mop head. Finally, push the fixing plate back.

Sponge string mop

Find the screw on the black iron sheet of the sponge plastic mop head and remove it with a tool. Hold the position of the sponge head with one hand, and pull it along the direction indicated by the arrow on the iron sheet. The string mop head can be removed. Then place the new string mop head in the opposite direction and fix it with a screw.

Cleaning and maintenance of the string mop


After cleaning the string mop head, it needs to be wrung dry and placed in a ventilated environment to prevent bacterial growth and odor. If there is a bad odor, you can clean it with diluted bleach to remove it effectively.

Tape assistance

The microfibre spray mop is easy to collect hair during use, which is difficult to clean later. Therefore, before using it, you can stick tape on the edge to effectively collect hair. After cleaning, the tape can be removed.

Method for disinfecting and sterilizing the string mop

As one of reliable household cleaning products suppliers, we have to mention that the concentration of disinfectant is high, so it needs to be diluted before use. Dilute the disinfectant and water at a ratio of 1:50, and then use it to sterilize the string mop. If there is no disinfectant at home, soaking the string mop in bleach is also feasible. After soaking the infuse spray mop in the disinfectant for about an hour, there may be some irritating odor. This odor actually comes from the disinfectant, so after pouring out the disinfectant, rinse the string mop with water repeatedly until the irritating odor can no longer be smelled. At this time, the disinfection of the plastic mop is completed.

The cleaned string mop can be placed in the sun for exposure, and ultraviolet rays can also sterilize the string mop. For plastic string mops, it is best not to expose them to the sun for a long time, otherwise, the plastic handle will become brittle and reduce the service life of the string mop.

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