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Mops Classified by Dehydration Method

Mops Classified by Dehydration Method

Mop wringing methods can be divided into three main categories: foot pedal, electric, and press. Their principle is to use different methods to spin the water on the mop head at high speed to wring it out. Below, the advantages and disadvantages of these three types of mops will be explained one by one.

1. Foot pedal mop

The foot pedal mop is the earliest type of mop that was used. It is well known due to its frequent appearance in TV shopping advertisements. Many mop manufacturers have imitated it, and now mops have been updated for several generations. However, it seems that there has been no innovation, and it still uses the foot pedal method for wringing, with only a few improvements to the foot pedal device.

Using this type of infuse spray mop requires using both hands and feet, but it is not very safe for the elderly, as they may slip and fall when stepping down on the foot pedal. In addition, the foot pedal device has many parts that can be worn out or damaged over time, and it is not easy to repair. Since the foot pedal device is also a burden on the product cost, the product price is relatively expensive, and most families are not willing to spend one or two hundred yuan on a mop.

2. Electric mop

This electric mop, one type of household cleaning tools, uses a method of wringing similar to that of a washing machine. However, unlike a washing machine, which operates in a closed state, the bucket of the mop is open, which poses a risk of electric shock and short circuit, and is not recommended for use in most households. At the same time, the cost of the motor is added, making the product price relatively expensive, and its service life may not be very long.

3. Press mop

The wringing principle of this type of mop is to press the mop handle to spin the modern mop head at high speed for wringing. The principle is very simple, but it is very convenient to use, with no other complicated accessories. The main mechanism is inside the mop handle, and all the accessories are made of metal, which is not easy to damage, and its service life is longer than the above two types of mops. Since there is no complex wringing device, the cost of the product itself is not high, and most families can afford it.

4. Multi-drive mop

This is a type of eco spray mop integrating both foot pedal and press wringing methods, with double and triple drive options. The triple drive has a rotating device added to the bottom of the wringer bucket, which spins the mop head by pressing and rotating it.

With so many types of mops made by cleaning tools suppliers, it can be difficult to choose the right one. In fact, it is just a tool for cleaning the floor, and its functions are only for wringing. Since this type of product mainly uses plastic, the more complicated it is, the more likely it is to have problems. It is better to choose a simple and easy-to-use brand product that is cheap and has a convenient wringing function. Therefore, the press mop is recommended.

In addition, all mops have the common feature of being easy to replace the mop head, which is a well-designed feature. After using it for a while, replacing the mop head can make it easy to clean the walls and furniture in the home.

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