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What Are the Types of Household Mops?

What Are the Types of Household Mops?

In many cases, we feel that the tiring job of cleaning is mopping the floor. Because the floor is difficult to clean, and we need to bend over when mopping the floor, which makes us very tired. In order to solve such problems, cleaning equipment suppliers would like to offer an insightful suggestion to people to choose a suitable and easy-to-use mopping tool.

For the length of the mop, it must be suitable for us. It is not easy to control if it is too long or too short. It's even worse if the mop is too short, so that bending over when we mop the floor will make the lower back more sore. What mop types should you choose? There are many mops on the market, and many mops are advertised to save time, and the mopping is very clean. But does this mop really work?

1. Mop types: old-fashioned cotton sliver mop

This old-fashioned mop is known to many. It is made of some rags gathered together. But it is really inconvenient to use, especially after absorbing water, it is very heavy, and the speed of absorbing water is relatively slow. The cotton mop is a relatively common old mop, but it's still slightly better than those rag mops. Not only is it more convenient, but it has some unique benefits.

First of all, look at the water absorption of the cotton sliver micro mop. The cotton cloth is more absorbent, so it will be more convenient. But when you use it to mop the floor, the ground will become damp and bacteria will grow. We also need to clean it thoroughly after use, otherwise the floor will smell bad.

2. Mop types: cotton mop

In addition to the above mop, there is also a collodion mop that has attracted much attention. This mop looks very similar to that made of cotton strips. Unlike the microfiber mop, it is mainly made of collodion material, which feels very good to the touch, and the water absorption has also been greatly improved. The important thing is that it will not be damp. But if it is not used for a long time, its sponge head will become very hard. It needs to be soaked for a period of time before each use, and it can be used after the soaking is soft, so if you encounter an emergency, it is not good to use a mop in a hurry.

3. Mop types: flat mop

The mop for tile is very popular, and one of the most distinctive features of this mop is that it is a flat mop. There are flat mops for cleaning walls, for mopping the floor, as well as for cleaning windows, which are very popular with everyone. However, the subsequent cleaning steps of this kind of mop are very troublesome, and it needs to be disassembled and cleaned carefully. Many people mainly use it to wipe glass, because they would not use such a mop to mop the floor.

4. Mop types: bucket mop

The bucket mop, one of tools used in housekeeping, is also a relatively common mop on the market, and it is relatively convenient to use. This kind of mop is generally round, and it is also equipped with a drying bucket, so that it can be dried after mopping, and it is not easy to breed bacteria. But there is one annoying thing about it, which is that it entangles the hair on the ground. This will cause the bucket to be easily damaged when cleaning in the bucket.

5. Mop types: electrostatic dust mop

Most people prefer electrostatic dust mops over other mop types. This kind of mop looks similar to the flat mop in appearance, but the function is more powerful. It is very useful to absorb garbage, and it can quickly roll hair away, just like a vacuum cleaner, but it saves more power than a vacuum cleaner and makes no noise.

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