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What is the Best Material to Choose for the Mop?

What is the Best Material to Choose for the Mop?

A mop is one of new cleaning tools in home used for cleaning floors, and there are various materials for mops. So, what material is good to choose when buying a mop? What are the considerations when buying a mop?

Ⅰ. Materials of Mops

1. Antibacterial mop

The antibacterial mop contains ingredients that can inhibit Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. The material of the antibacterial mop is thicker, with an improved pattern for removing dirt, but it is not easy to produce static electricity. Compared with regular cleaning mops, the antibacterial mop, improved by cleaning equipment manufacturers, has a higher water content, which is more reasonable.

2. Cotton mop

Once the environmentally-friendly cotton mop becomes wet, it is difficult to remove the hair that sticks to it. When wiping one area and then moving on to another area, it may leave black marks that are hard to remove. Tiny debris stuck to the mop will be dragged to the floor and need to be swept up separately. Therefore, the cotton mop should be used for dry cleaning as much as possible before mopping. Also, before mopping the floor, it is recommended to sweep the hair on the floor or use a vacuum cleaner to clean it.

3. Ultra-fine fiber mop

The ultra-fine fiber mop uses a special process, and its flat mop refill pad can touch the ground vertically, which changes the disadvantage of cotton thread contacting the ground parallelly. Due to the "close contact" with the ground, friction generates static electricity, which can more thoroughly remove dirt from crevices without wearing out the mop head. It can also be used for polishing and waxing. However, ultra-fine fiber mops need to be cleaned by hand or washing machine.

Ⅱ. Considerations for Buying a Mop

1. Look at the mop head of the mop

The mop head is an important part that determines the cleaning efficiency of an eco-friendly spray mop. Therefore, when purchasing, it is necessary to know whether the mop head is easy to use, which is determined by its mop hairs and design, and many merchants will write the mop head material and usage effect in the product introduction, which can be used as a reference. It is best not to buy from merchants who do not mention the material of the mop head.

2. Look at the mop handle of the mop

The most critical stress point of a mop is its mop handle. If the mop handle is not good, it will become bent or deformed after long-term use, causing inconvenience during use. When purchasing spray mop wholesale, it is best to try applying pressure to the mop handle. Good mop handles are usually firm.

In summary, there are three main materials for mop heads: antibacterial, cotton, and ultra-fine fiber. Each material has its own characteristics, and choosing the one that is suitable for oneself is the best choice. When buying a mop, pay attention to the mop head and mop handle.

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