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What's the Difference Between a Spin Mop and a Reciprocating Mop?

What's the Difference Between a Spin Mop and a Reciprocating Mop?

The mop can be divided into two types: spin mop and reciprocating mop. People often struggle with which one to choose when buying a mop. So, which one is better, spin or reciprocating mop? What are the differences between them?

Ⅰ. Which one is better, spin or reciprocating mop?

As a type of tools used in housekeeping, reciprocating mop uses a flat mop head, which allows the base plate and the ground to be fully exerted. Mop fabrics are usually made of fine cotton yarn or ultra-fine fiber. Many products also come with towel clips that can be easily attached to various old towels to clean the floor. Special towels can also be used to wipe glass, windows, and clean room corners, so they have a wide range of uses. However, it is difficult to clean the fine cotton yarn mop and it needs to be manually replaced. Ultra-fine fiber fabrics are also more prone to damage.

The infuse spray mop has a strong water absorption capacity. Its circular mop can easily sweep through gaps and solve dead corners. It can also easily reach places like under the sofa or bed. The 360-degree rotation of the mop handle allows it to clean floors, glass windows, screens, air conditioners, ceilings, and other areas with ease.

Ⅱ. Differences between spin and reciprocating mop

Different working methods

Reciprocating mop simulates the movement of human hands and moves back and forth to rub the floor. The spin mop has two circular mop heads that rotate at a uniform speed of 360 degrees to rub the floor.

Different cleaning efficiency

Compared with the reciprocating mop, the microfibre spray mop has higher cleaning efficiency. It is lightweight, labor-saving, efficient, flexible, and can easily reach corners and edges.

Improved by household cleaning products manufacturers, spin and reciprocating mops have their own characteristics. Choosing the type that suits your needs is the most useful. The chenille mop pad has a strong water absorption ability, and the floor residue after mopping is less, making it less likely to leave water marks. The mop uses a double turntable rotating form, which can effectively grip the ground, clean dirt and stains on the ground, and firmly hold hair, ensuring effective and fast cleaning of the floor. The mop is easy to clean, has a low manufacturing cost, a long service life, a simple structure, and high practical value. By designing the mop fabric in a circular shape and rotating it through the power shaft and transmission shaft, the mop can quickly clean the floor and solve dead corner cleaning problems. Mops generally use mop fabrics with strong water absorption, which are less likely to leave water marks.

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