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Which Flat Mop is Best?

Which Flat Mop is Best?

Which household flat mop cleaning product is good?

Classified by fabric material

There are two types of household flat mops on the market: cotton flat mops and fiber cloth flat mops. The advantages of cotton flat mops are that they have a large contact area with the flat mop replacement pads and can save a lot of manpower. They are also affordable.

The fiber cloth used in fiber cloth flat mops has great moisture absorption and dirt absorption effects. The surface of the cleaning mop wholesale is also large, but it is slightly more expensive than cotton flat mops. The disadvantage is that it needs to be regularly cleaned by hand and air-dried when not in use. It is more suitable for use on wooden floors.

Classified by mop head installation method

Flat mops home cleaning product, one of household cleaning tools, can be classified into magic tape, cover, and clip types. Magic tape is relatively simple. When it gets dirty, tear it off and clean it, then stick it back on, which is very simple. Cover type and magic tape type are basically the same. Put it on and take it off when it gets dirty, then clean it and put it back on. Clip type is more versatile. It can hold different sizes of cloth and can also use old face towels that are no longer needed as mop cloths.

Classified by mop handle material

According to cleaning mop manufacturers, flat mops can be classified into plastic pole, aluminum alloy pole, and stainless steel pole types. Plastic poles have been phased out for many years and are hard to find on the market now. The current popular mop handles are made of two types of materials: stainless steel and aluminum alloy. Stainless steel poles have high strength and are sturdy, but slightly heavier. Aluminum alloy poles have low strength, but are lightweight. You can choose according to your needs. Of course, the quality of the mop handle depends mainly on the thickness of the pipe wall. The thicker the wall, the more sturdy it is, and the price is relatively high.

Classified by mop cloth opening method

Tie-type, cover-type, and snap-type. Tie-type spray mop cloth has straps on the surface of the cloth, and the opening is large, making it easy to disassemble and wash frequently. Cover-type mop cloths do not have straps on the surface, and the opening is on the side of the cloth surface, eliminating the need for straps, but the opening is smaller and less easy to disassemble and wash. Snap-type mop cloths are also easy to disassemble and wash, and old towels at home can also be used. But the price is relatively high.

Tips for choosing household flat mop cleaning products

  • Mop cloth material

It is better to choose ultra-fine fibers. Although this type of material mop is relatively expensive, it is soft and delicate, has good water absorption, and does not shed easily. When choosing, first look at its water absorption ability: wash the mop and wring it out. Then sprinkle some water on the ground and use the mop to drag it. See how effective its water absorption ability is. The stronger the water absorption ability, the more suitable it is for household use. Check whether it is easy to fade. You can prepare a clean tissue paper, then rub the selected flat mop cloth back and forth a few times, and see if there are any color marks on it.

  • It is recommended to choose a snap-type flat mop for household use. The assembly and replacement of the mop head are relatively easy, and it can be easily removed and cleaned by pulling and tearing. In terms of design, it is also clever. The abandoned towels and cotton cloth in the home can be fixed on the mop head and used to mop the floor, commonly known as clip-fixed flat mops. When purchasing, check whether the cleaning tools factory is trusted, whether the snap is stable, whether the mop cloth is firmly fixed, and whether it is easy to fall off.

  • Pole strength: The mop handle is the most stressed part. Apply some pressure on the mop handle with your hand to see if the mop handle can support the weight. If it starts to bend even with a little pressure, it is not recommended to choose it since it is easy to break. The thickness of the pipe in the mop handle is 0.4MM for thicker types, while most of the lower-quality ones use 0.2MM thickness, and the aluminum poles need a thickness of 0.8MM to ensure the pole strength.

  • Check whether the mop handle household cleaning product is smooth, has a good feel and no unevenness on the surface.

  • Check whether the flat mop base has uniform and natural color, smooth edges, and no burrs or sharp edges.