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Comparison of The Advantages And Disadvantages of Various Flat Mops

Comparison of The Advantages And Disadvantages of Various Flat Mops

Generally speaking, the flat mop is completely different from the traditional mop with a round head, and it adopts the flat design and 360 ° rotation to fully stress the bottom plate and the ground. The mop is made of fine cotton yarn and microfiber. The flat mop cloth is easy to wipe off the dust between the gaps and corners. Now, many products also have a towel installation setting, which can be easily installed and used to wipe the floor with various waste towels and can also be installed with special towels to wipe glass and windows.

Ordinary Flat Mop

The cleaning effect of an ordinary flat mop is OK. The general advantage of a flat mop is lightweight, labor-saving, simple structure, and has no space for storage. Cleaning is very convenient. The mop head can rotate 90 °. Some sanitary dead corners, such as under the sofa, under the bed, in the corner of the wall, and in the corner of the table, can be dragged. Cleaning is also more convenient. The mop rod can squeeze out the water with a gentle pull and push. The disadvantage is that the water is not squeezed enough, and there will be a little water stain on the ground after dragging.

Spray Mop

The infuse spray mop has a more water spraying function than the ordinary mop. It can be used for dry and wet purposes. The microfiber mop cloth is made of fiber and adsorbs dust when it is dry. To mop the floor, wipe and spray. When cleaning, scrape it with the attached small brush.

The reusable chenille mop pads are very thick, unlike some inferior mop materials, which are very thin, and you have to be careful when using it. The texture of the Maile spray mop is very good. The workmanship is fine. All joints are tightly fitted. The screws are fastened in place without loose gaps. It is easy to use, wipe the floor clean, the spray angle is appropriate, spread evenly, when you wipe the floor, do not press hard to push forward naturally. You can also add disinfectant. Mopping the floor is equivalent to disinfection, which is very convenient.

Scraper Flat Mop

The scraper flat mop is relatively much more convenient to clean, and the cleaning force for heavy oil is also better. Of course, there is also a disadvantage in that the bucket for cleaning the mop will occupy space, and the dirty water is recycled for cleaning.

But the design has been very careful. Before use, you need to fill the left with water, wash the mop on the left and scrape with the scraper on the right. The scraped dirty water will automatically flow into the left.

Electrostatic Mop

If you want to completely get rid of the trouble of washing mops, you might as well consider electrostatic precipitator flat mops.

The principle of the electrostatic mop is to use positive and negative electricity to attract dust, just like rubbing a ruler on the head to attract shreds of paper.

The assembly is very simple. The paper towel is pressed into four slots and is very light. It can be operated with one hand. It is particularly flexible. It can rotate 360 degrees. The length and size design is perfect. The mop is flat and small. It can stretch into the sofa and coffee table under the bed. It can stretch into any gap and corner to clean without cleaning. It is a perfect tool with a very high-cost performance designed for lazy people.

The electrostatic mop is used with an electrostatic dry towel, which is equivalent to a broom, and all hair and dust can be adsorbed.

If the electrostatic mop is used with wet wipes, it can solve the stubborn ground stains, which is equivalent to disinfection.

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