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With the Spray Mop, Never Be Afraid of Cleaning Again

With the Spray Mop, Never Be Afraid of Cleaning Again

When it comes to the most hated housework, there's no doubt that it's mopping the floor! It's not only sweltering hot, but also tiring on the waist. In the past, we used traditional cotton mops which required us to refill the bucket with water, rinse the mop, wring it out by hand, and carry the bucket around. After a few square meters, the water would become dirty and smelly, and some people absolutely refused to wring out the dirty mop with their bare hands!

Isn't there any household services cleaning tools and equipment that's both time-saving and effortless? Of course there is! Today, we'll introduce a cleaning magic tool that's time-saving, effortless, and easy to use. Do you believe that you only need two cups of water to clean a 200 square meter room? With a traditional mop, every few square meters, you have to change the water, making it both time-consuming and inconvenient. After cleaning, you'll be sweaty and dirty.

1. With a spray mop, you may even fall in love with mopping 

The built-in water tank is equivalent to the amount of water in a disposable cup, which is super water-saving. Thanks to its high polymer spray pump, a gentle press will instantly create a mist that won't leak, stain, or wear out.

Moreover, the spray area of the cleaning spray mop is large, and the whole cleaning process doesn't require changing water, saving time and effort. Its mop is made of fiber-absorbent cotton cloth that is soft, fine, and strong in water absorption, without harming the floor. It can be used immediately without worrying about slipping or getting dirty.

With this spray mop, you can thoroughly clean a 200 square meter area in just 5 minutes. This amazing mop is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also comes with a small spray bottle that you can press with one hand to spray mist. You don't have to worry about the mop getting wet or leaving water on the ground. The mop is also equipped with a spray mop cloth that can remove dirt from crevices.

To ensure that the spray mop can accompany you for a long time, the pole is made of anti-drop steel pipe, which is sturdy, durable, and corrosion-resistant. The reinforced universal joint can be extended to various corners, making cleaning effortless.

2. The advantages of MAILE spray mop

Improved by household cleaning products suppliers, it cleans in all directions with a 360° rotation, and the mop head can easily reach dark corners such as the bottom of a sofa. The mop head can be used in dry or wet conditions, and by pushing the trigger, the spray will moisten the mop with ease.

Say goodbye to the heavy and messy water bucket and welcome the latest upgraded spray sweeper that comes with a 400ml water tank and ultra-fine fiber mop. You can fill it with your favorite detergent and just make sure to clean the water tank after use. Just press the trigger on the handle and the spray mop will turn water into mist evenly, saving water and making mopping more efficient than a regular mop.