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What Are the Advantages of the Magic Spray Mop?

What Are the Advantages of the Magic Spray Mop?

Spray Mops Need Not Stoop, Which Will Save Time And Effort

The traditional mop needs a multi-angle force, which is not easy for the elderly. Long-term use of this mop is likely to cause shoulder pain or accidental sprain, while the Maile spray mop can be operated with one hand. In this way, you don't have to bend down, and you can easily mop the floor while standing and playing games.

The spray mop by MERRELL household cleaning products supplier is designed according to human body mechanics, and the handle is lengthened without bending and has a multi-point boosting system. It can also rotate 360 ° to easily clean all dead corners of the room; It can not only be used to clean the floor, but also wipe the glass safely at high altitudes.

The Spray Mop Does Not Touch The Water And Will Not Stain Your Hands

For many people, cleaning is always painful, because it will make people dusty and sweaty. With reusable microfiber mop, it's completely different. In the whole cleaning process, do not change the water and twist the mop. Press it gently to wet the ground and remove the stains.

The Ground Mopped With The Spray Mop Will Dry Immediately, Which Is Not Easy To Cause Fall

Now, most of the floors are ceramic tiles or wooden floors. It is easy for people to slip accidentally when the surface is wet. There are many strokes for the elderly and children; The infuse spray mop uses a patent spray head, and the water vapor ejected in 0.12 seconds can be atomized. Unlike traditional mops, the mop is wet, causing a hidden danger to the elderly and children.

Traditional mops or inferior water spray mops is easy to cause floor mildew, breed bacteria, and pollute the whole home environment; The spray mop can be atomized instantly, that is, drag and dry, remove dirt without leaving marks, and apply to all floors the market.