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How to Clean the Floor to Avoid the Growth of Bacteria?

How to Clean the Floor to Avoid the Growth of Bacteria?

Ⅰ. Floor cleaning

For the daily cleaning of the home environment, the most time-consuming and labor-intensive is the cleaning of the floor. Keeping your floors clean not only maintains a clean and hygienic environment but also effectively prevents bacteria from harboring and growing. In a clean living environment, you and your family can be protected from various diseases.

Ⅱ. How can we clean the floor better?

The appearance of the flat mop cloth makes it easy to save energy when doing housework, and it is easy to keep the ground clean. The main advantage of the flat mop is that the rag underneath is easy to clean, and it can be cleaned in a bucket with disinfectant.

Ⅲ. The advantages of flat mop

1. After using the microfiber flat mop pads, be sure to wash them carefully, wring them out, and put them in a ventilated place to avoid odor.

2. If there is a peculiar smell after use, don't worry, you can consider using diluted bleach to clean it.

3. If there is hair on it after using the flat mop, you can choose to use a brush to assist in cleaning to solve your troubles.

Floor cleaning can be done better with a reusable microfiber mop, no cleaning agent is required, just remove the mop under the flat mop and scrub the microfiber mop with clean water or a brush. And the microfiber mop cloth is easy to wash, and dust and debris are easy to clean.

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