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How to Deal with Moldy Mop?

How to Deal with Moldy Mop?

When the string mop is moldy, you can use the blowing method to remove the odor. You can blow the string mop with a hair dryer at home for a while, or soak it in plain water with white vinegar and milk for a few hours, rinse it off, and let it dry in a ventilated place.

1. The treatment method for string mop moldy: soaking it in white vinegar

After using the string mop with reusable pads, put it in a humid environment, it is prone to mold and odor. To clean it, you could dissolve the white vinegar and salt in the water, and then soak the moldy mop into the solution. Wait about 10 minutes, re-wash the mop with clean water, and expose it to the sun to remove mildew on the kitchen mop.

2. The treatment method of string mop moldy: washing it with washing powder

According to household cleaning products manufacturers, putting the moldy string mop in warm water, adding an appropriate amount of detergent and other supplies, and then rubbing the moldy string mop would be better option. After cleaning the string mop, it needs to be dried in a ventilated and sunny environment. You can put an electric fan next to it to blow off the musty smell on the string mop.

3. The treatment method of string mop moldy: soaking it in disinfectant

Mop mold is mostly caused by bacteria and fungi. The string mop can be soaked in the disinfectant, but it needs to be diluted with water at a ratio of 1:20. It cannot be soaked in the disinfectant directly. It takes about five minutes to remove the musty smell on the modern mop, and then put it in the sun.

A mop is an essential cleaning comfort room tool and equipment in daily life. If the mop is moldy, it can be treated by the blowing method. It is mainly to blow a few times on the moldy mop with a hair dryer at home so that the mold substances in it will disappear after heating, or it can be put in the sun a few times to remove musty smell.

When the mop is moldy, its odor can also be dispelled by soaking. You can put some water in the mop pool and then add some white vinegar and milk. After stirring it evenly, put the mop in and soak it for a few hours, so that the musty smell inside will gradually disappear. Also, you can wash the moldy modern mop in water with washing powder or liquid detergent, and then put it in a ventilated place in the sun to dry it, which will also remove the musty smell inside. Keep the mop dry when you don't normally use it.