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How to Use a Laminate Mop Correctly?

How to Use a Laminate Mop Correctly?

Mopping is easy to say, but trying to mop the ground clean and easy is not easy. It is very important to choose a suitable mop. If you choose a flat mop, what is the correct way to use it?

1. The correct way to use the flat laminate mop

To use mopping laminate floors, install all the parts first, connect the connecting rod in place first, and then put the mop into the chassis. The installation is also relatively simple. There is a mop cloth with Velcro. You only need to place the mop cloth on the ground, then straighten the mop rod, align it with the mop cloth, and paste it on.

Prepare a basin of clean water, soak the flat mop cloth completely, and then use the mop bucket to squeeze dry, and you can use it to mop the floor. Because it is the type of flat plate, it can be pushed along the corners of the wall and is able to clean the 90-degree corners in place. Then use a mop to drag from the inside out, and people can stand upright without bending over. You need to step back while mopping the floor, and use your hand to rotate the mop bar. Until the ground is mopped clean, and finally wash the mop, put it in the sun to dry, and prepare for the next use.

2. What should you do if the Velcro of the flat laminated mop does not work?

The mop cloth has been used for a long time. If you choose Velcro, it will not stick over time. The debris attached to the surface of the Velcro can be cleaned with sharp objects. Wash the laminated mop cloth again, and after it is dry, use a splint or an iron, and place it on it to heat it slightly. But if some of the sticky hair on the surface has fallen off, or it is very worn off. In this case, only a new Velcro or a new mop can be replaced. There is also a snap-on mop, which does not need to use Velcro, so there will be no non-stick phenomenon in the later stage. And the snap-on paste will be more firm and not easy to loosen.

The above is the correct way to use the floor mop for laminate. As one of common household cleaning tools, the cleaning ability of this mop is relatively strong, and it can clean the indoor dead corners in place.

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