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What Are the House Mops Available?

What Are the House Mops Available?

Mopping the floor is an indispensable activity in home life. To mop the floor clean and effortlessly, choosing a good mop is an extremely important decision since it virtually controls the entire floor of the house. Currently, there are many types and brands of mops in the market, making consumers dizzy and confused. So how do you choose a suitable house mop? As one of the most professional microfiber mop manufacturers, we have the following introduction and suggestion for you. 

Basic house mop

This type of mop has a simple design and low price. The mop head is made up of cloth strips instead of a mop cloth, which makes it difficult to clean, and it leaves streaks of water on the floor. Although the price is low, it is not convenient to use.

Twist house mop

The twist home mop has a twisting mechanism on the working pole so that your hands don't touch the water when cleaning. The material of the mop head is the same as that of the basic household mop, but it still retains its absorbency and cleaning ability. The top of the cleaning head is fitted with protection to prevent damage to the working pole end when cleaning. The lower part of the rotating drum is provided with a centering device to prevent movement during work. The upper part of the rotating drum is fitted with a centering stop, which prevents the rotating drum from reversing when squeezing water. The working pole of the twist mop also has a telescopic and adjustable structure. It also uses a chenille mop pad. This type of twist mop is not only convenient but also easy to clean, and it does not dirty your hands. However, the twisting part is easy to break.

Rubber house mop

As one of typical household cleaning tools, the biggest feature of the rubber mop is that it not only inherits the squeezing and self-cleaning of the twist mop but also changes the material of the mop head to polyvinyl alcohol rubber. The rubber is highly absorbent and ensures that the mop head can perform its cleaning functions fully. Moreover, it is easy to replace the mop head and saves effort. It's suitable for cleaning wooden floors, marble floors, various types of ceramic tile floors, glass windows, and kitchen ceramic walls. However, after using it for a while, the squeezing part becomes loose, the squeezing is not thorough, and the cleaning is not very clean.

Absorbent fiber house mop

In recent years, mop factory has improved cotton mop heads by using absorbent fiber cloth and equipping them with a bucket and a wringer, making the mop more convenient to use. This type of home mop is light, compact, easy to use, efficient, and doesn't require a lot of effort to mop the floor.

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