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Which is Better, Flat Mop or Spin Mop?

Which is Better, Flat Mop or Spin Mop?

Currently, there are four common types of mops: sponge mops, spin mops, flat mops, and twist mops. Which is better, a flat mop or a spin mop? A spin mop is a type of mop that does not take up space in the bucket. It has a dehydration basket that can clean and dehydrate the mop head, but it cannot clean the corners thoroughly. A flat mop is usually a type of ultra-fine fiber flat mop head that is lightweight easy to clean and can easily wipe clean. So how do you use a flat mop? Let's find out below from the perspective of home cleaning products suppliers.

I. The difference between a flat mop and a spin mop

A spin mop uses rotating washing and dehydrating. It is currently used more often in households because of its long service life and convenience. The disadvantage is that since it rotates, the mop head is round, so it cannot clean the corners thoroughly, such as the 90° corners.

There are two types of flat mops: hands-free flat mops and clip-on flat mops. The advantage of hands-free flat mops is that washing and dehydrating do not require you to get your hands dirty, and they can thoroughly clean the corners. The advantage of clip-on flat mops is that they have a long service life, and old flat mop cloth or towels can be used instead of replacing the cloth, which can also thoroughly clean the corners.

II. How to use a flat mop?

Flat mops can be divided into Velcro-style and pocket-style according to their installation and removal methods, and dry mops and wet mops according to their fabric materials. Regardless of the style of the flat mop, the usage method is basically the same. It can be the spray mop for floor cleaning, such as for tiles, marble, terrazzo-made floors, and floors in households, hotels, offices, hospitals, and halls.

1. When using, different parts are usually equipped with different mop heads. For example, one room is equipped with one mop head. After cleaning one room, immediately replace the mop head until all rooms are cleaned, and then wash all the mop heads together.

2. When using, hold the top of the mop handle with your left hand and the upper part of the mop handle with your right hand, and keep your thumb on the top while holding the handle.

3. When using, first push the mop straight along the wall corner, and then use an 8-shaped route for the mop, standing upright and moving left and right in a backward manner. Rotate the mop handle back and forth with your right wrist to keep one side of the mop head always pushing in one direction.

4. Generally, a 40cm mop head can clean a room of 20 square meters, and a 60cm mop head can clean a room of 30 square meters.