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Why Are Microfiber Mops Better Than Regular Rag Mops?

Why Are Microfiber Mops Better Than Regular Rag Mops?

The microfiber mop cloth is more expensive because a special process is adopted. The flat mop head can contact the ground vertically, which changes the disadvantage of parallel contact between cotton thread and the ground. Because it can be in "close contact" with the ground, friction generates static electricity, so it can more thoroughly remove the dirt in the gap, wipe the ground with almost no wear, and can also be used for polishing and waxing.

What Are The Advantages Of Microfiber Mop Cloth

1) The base of the microfiber mop pads wholesale is flat and can extend to the bottom of the table, sofa, bed, and corner.

2) Microfiber mop cloth is super absorbent and quick to dry. There are no water stains, watermarks, or water spots after mopping the floor. However, the water absorption of ordinary rags is worse than that of super fiber mop cloth. There are still watermarks on the floor after mopping the floor, and people will slip when walking on the floor.

3) Microfiber mop cloth, such as spray mop reusable pads, has strong decontamination and adsorption capacity, dry dragging to remove dust, and wet dragging to remove dirt. There are thousands of super fibers on a super fiber mop cloth. These super fibers gather together to greatly enhance the decontamination ability. Some tough fiber filaments are added into some of the mops and people call them "toothbrush filaments". And these tough fiber filaments will help to remove stubborn stains.

Microfiber Mop Cloth VS Regular Rag Mops

1) The microfiber mop cloth does not fade. As one of the professional household cleaning products manufacturers, MERRELL's mop adopts high-tech manufacturing technology, and the dyeing procedure adopts internationally recognized dyes. It has high color fastness and does not fade. The ordinary rag will fade seriously when it touches the water, and the floor will be dyed when mopping the floor.

2) The microfiber mop can inhibit bacteria. Long-term use of ultra-fiber will not emit bad smells or breed bacteria.

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