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Introduction to the Types of Car Wash Mops

Introduction to the Types of Car Wash Mops

When washing a car, professional car cleaning tools equipment are usually used, and a car washing mop is one of them. So when we choose a car wash mop, which is better? Let's take a look below.

The car wash mop is also called a car mop. It is a tool we usually use to wash the car or clean the floating dust on the surface of the car paint. There are also many types and styles of car mop brushes. We should pay more attention when purchasing, otherwise, it will easily cause damage to the car paint when we wash the car, and the loss will be the car owner himself. Therefore, we must fully consider when purchasing a car mop, so that we can feel more at ease when using car mop without worrying about the final effect.

1. Bamboo charcoal car wash mop brush

Bamboo charcoal car wash mop brush must be familiar to us. As a relatively high-end car mop, the bamboo charcoal car mop also has its own advantages. First of all, the car mop made of bamboo charcoal has a relatively strong decontamination ability. The rainy season is coming. If the car gets wet, we must clean it up. It is difficult to clean up some sewage with ordinary car mops. Bamboo charcoal car mops can be easily cleaned, which also saves us a lot of time. At the same time, the bamboo charcoal car mop has the common advantages of the first two, and it will not cause damage to the car's glass. It is a car mop that many people prefer.


2. A set of two car wash mop brushes

We should know that this kind of car wash mop brush should be two together, a large mop and a small one. A large car mop is used to clean the car body, and its volume is relatively large, so it is more convenient for us to clean the floating dust on the car body, and it can also protect the car paint surface. At the same time, the large car mop also has a telescopic function, which allows us to easily clean the roof of the car. A small type of telescopic car wash mop is used to clean some small corners of the car.

3. Extended car wash mop brush

This kind of car brush cleaning kit has a longer plush and better water absorption effect. Maybe we can wipe off all the water on the car body with only one twist of the mop. However, the effect of this function is also affected by the material of the car wash mop with a telescopic handle. If the water absorption of the material used is not good, no matter how large the mop is, the effect will not be good.

Another advantage of the extended car mop is that the two can be separated. We may not be able to reach it when we wipe the roof, but the handle of the extension mop can be extended, allowing us to easily clean the roof. When you are cleaning the side of the car, just unscrew the handle of the mop.

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