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The Composition and Function of the Absorbent String Mop

The Composition and Function of the Absorbent String Mop

The string mop head of the absorbent string mop is made of microfiber woven fabric that will never be shed. The string mop head is dust-free and vacuum-packed, and the string mop handle adopts a delicate and flexible 360-degree rotating design, which is light and efficient in use. The circular mop head covers a large area; it is washable and has strong detergency; it is easy to operate, half-open back, easy to replace, and is durable.

Water-absorbing string mop refers to a string mop with a pretty good water-absorbing effect. It has a strong decontamination ability and is easy to clean, and is favored by many housewives. Below we will introduce you to the structure and function of the absorbent string mop.

Ⅰ. The composition of the absorbent string mop

The utility model relates to a water-absorbing string mop, which is composed of a sponge body, a handlebar, and a string mop head connected to the lower end of the handlebar, and the string mop head has a slightly U-shaped open end. The end of the open end is provided with two pressure rods for positioning, the narrow side of the sponge body is clamped between the two pressure rods, and a multi-functional installation part is fixed on at least one end face of the string mop head, which can be installed on the surface of the installation part. The distribution is provided with a snap, and the mounting portion can also be provided with bristles.

Household services cleaning tools and equipment not only have sponge bodies to clean floors or windows but can also attach a mop or towel to the head of the string mop. You can also add a part with a scrubbing function to the head of the string mop, thereby enhancing the water absorption and decontamination capabilities of the water-absorbing mop, broadening its use range and making it convenient for users to use.

Ⅱ. The role of the water-absorbing string mop

1. It can quickly and thoroughly clean the surface of the object.

2. The use of strong and flexible fibers is durable and will never scratch the surface of the item, leaving no traces.

3. Especially suitable for surfaces that cannot be cleaned with chemical cleaners.

4. It can be used repeatedly, washed many times, and the effect is not affected.

These cleaning tools have super water absorption and detergency, are easy to clean, have no lint, no bacteria, no damage to the surface, etc. And they are the favorite cleaning tools for people. With the shrinking of the traditional mop market, household cleaning products manufacturers find their way out in thedilemma and then absorbent string mops gradually entered everyone's field of vision. The absorbent string mop is a new type of mop, which overcomes the shortcomings of all mops in the past.

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