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Which String Mop Can Mop the Tiles Most Cleanly?

Which String Mop Can Mop the Tiles Most Cleanly?

The mop is one of the indispensable cleaning tools in home, it makes our floors more comfortable and clean. There are many types of mops on the market, so which kind of mop is the cleanest? Below we introduce a few easy-to-use mop cleaning products for you, hoping to help you.

1. Foam string mop

Most people are familiar with the foam mop. Its cleaning head is made of foam, which has super water absorption capacity, which is more than 10 times that of ordinary sponges. The operation of the foam mop is fast and convenient, just dip the foam in the water and gently pull a few times, and the sewage can be easily discharged. And the glue head will harden naturally after it is air-dried to prevent the growth of bacteria. The price of foam mops is not high, generally between 30 and 100 yuan. However, it is not very good at adsorbing hair, especially the cleaning ability of the corners is not good, and it will easily squeeze out dirty water after collision.

2. Microfiber dust mop

The head of microfiber mop for cleaning dust is quite different from the traditional round mop head. Its appearance adopts a flat plate design, so that the force between the mop and the ground can be fully applied. The microfiber mop is made of fine cotton yarn and microfiber gauze, which is very easy to wipe dust from crevices and corners. The new product also has the setting of card towel, which can easily install all kinds of waste towels, whether it is cleaning glass or mopping the floor, it is cleaner and more convenient.

3. Cotton sliver (thread) mop

For ordinary mops, common mop rods are made of plastic, wood, and metal rods. The microfiber mop cloth is generally made of absorbent cotton strips, cotton threads and other materials. The mop has better cleaning power and lower prices. However, it is more troublesome to clean, and some cloth strips are not very absorbent, and they are not easy to air dry, so they are prone to odor and bacteria. Some mops are even prone to shedding.

4. Absorbent fiber mop

For the absorbent fiber mop, the fiber cloth material that is easy to absorb water is selected, and the mop bucket and wringer are used together, which is very easy to operate. This kind of mop is lighter, more convenient, effortless, relatively efficient in mopping the floor, and lower in price. However, after the string mop head is wrung out in water, the volume becomes relatively small, which is not suitable for large rooms, and it is very laborious to drag.

5. Electric cleaning machine mop

The electric cleaning machine is quite different from the traditional mop, and it is more labor-saving to use. The bottom of this mop uses three high-speed rotating brush heads. In case of stubborn stains, you can add an appropriate amount of detergent to effectively remove the stains. In addition, the electric cleaning machine also has the functions of vacuuming, waxing, polishing and so on. However, the electric cleaning machine mop is noisy, and it needs to be plugged in, which is more troublesome to use.

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